34-Year-Old Orangutan Demonstrates Her Impeccable Hand-Washing Skills, And That’s Goosebumps For Me!

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Meet this lavish orangutan named Sandra, who, recently, went viral on the internet for demonstrating her impeccable hand-washing skills. And little did the 34-year-old primate know about the current critical crisis; she had taught some humans a lesson – because most of us already know it though, some things are worth informing over and over again – like, washing your hands can prevent getting and passing the COVID-19.

And FYI, there is no particular need to get a hand sanitizer unless you’re incompetent to scrub your hands with soap, of course. Because all you have to do is cleanse your hands wholly for at least 20 seconds and you’ll be good to go – and in case you need any help for how it’s done, Center For Great Apes has an all-embracing video to inspire you to take care of your personal hygiene.

Facebook | Center For Great Apes

Recently, a video showing a 34-year-old orangutan named Sandra went viral for demonstrating her impeccable hand-washing skills, and it seems she is quite enjoying doing it!

Later she also cleaned her surroundings and eventually stopped, noticing she had ample chores for that day.

Facebook | Center For Great Apes
Facebook | Center For Great Apes

You did a good job, young lady!!!

Sandra the Orangutan Washing Her Hands

She definitely scrubbed her hands for longer than 20 seconds, good job Sandra! :)#washyourhands

Posted by Center for Great Apes on Saturday, March 14, 2020

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