These Two Besties Of 78 Years Moved Into The Same Home Care, And I Doubt There Is Any Better Relationship Than Friendship!

It’s rare you meet someone and get instantly click with so well, and you certainly do not doubt continuing this new friendship for the rest of your lives. And even though it doesn’t happen naturally, you get away from each other for work-related goals or family issues. Plus, while chattering about driven apart in a canteen, some often say, “such is life,” and it doesn’t sound satisfying in most cases. But the story we bring today is not one of them! Because these two besties, aka Olive Woodward and Kathleen Saville, have shared the bond of friendship for the past 80 years, and they have moved into the same home care so they can spend more time together!

Meet Olive Woodward and Kathleen Saville – They Have Been Besties For Over 78 Years Now!

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Olive and Kathleen are the exact definitions of friendship goals, having been together as friends for eighty years, these two met in school, when they two were eleven years old. Giggling and Chattering, Olive and Kathleen soon became best friends, and as they lived just down the road from each other, spending nights at each other’s house wasn’t too cliche. Anyway, growing up, their family life didn’t separate them apart as well. Luckily, both of their husbands worked in the same company carrying the two best friends down the same road of friendship one more time.

And To Make Their Bond More Stronger, They Moved Into The Same Home Care So They Can Spend More Time Together!

Life wasn’t only fruits and flowers for them. And after 35 years of married life, Kathleen lost her husband back in 1989 and started living on her own, but just last year, she moved into Berry Hill Park Home Care in Mansfield. On the other hand, Olive’s hubby lived fifteen years longer than Kathleen’s, and in the year 2004, when Olive’s husband passed away, she decided to be alone for some time. To mention, Olive has two daughters, five grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, but after living some alone time, Olive finally decided to move into the same home care as well, living together for the rest of their lives.

And If That’s Not Pure-Refined-Friendship, Then I Don’t Know What It Is!

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