Woman Spots An Odd Figure Staring At Her For Hours – Couldn’t Stop Chortling After Getting A Closer Look!

Well, we’ve all been there – struggling to focus at work in the office, trying to keep-up in the history class, or just getting bored of doing whatsoever – and we soon find ourselves gazing out of the window staring a weirdly odd figure, indulging us while we get back to the reality. 

Although you can gnash in anger, for me, it’s surprisingly fun. Or take an example of this woman, for instance.

A Woman Was In Work When She Spotted A Strange Sight In The Apartment Opposite Her Office Building:

At first, the woman utterly deemed a lady was standing in the window, drinking her morning beverage and admiring the downtown view.

But After A Few Hours Had Passed And The Weirdly Odd Figure Was Still There Finishing Her Coffee, A Research Had To Be Done!


And You Know The Female Class; They Enjoy To Do Research On Their Own, Right? So, The Woman Found A Better View Of The Peculiar Sight To Figure Out What On Earth Was Going On!


However, upon finding the truth, she burst out into laughter.

What she had been considered a weird human was actually a cardboard cutout of Dame Judi Dench.

And Just Like Every Social Media Addict, She Knew It Had To Be Shared Around The World, Hence The Twitter Post:

The woman shared the hilarious tale with her friend and singer, Amy Macdonald, who tweeted, “My mate was in work, and she noticed a woman standing at the window in one of the flats opposite.”

“To the person who lives in the opposite flat, you have given us the biggest laugh today.” She added.

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