This Cutest Dog Norbert Is A Perfect Sport For Your Weekend!

Okay, here is a secret – do you know about the adorable pup, Norbert? Yeah, the one who wants to high-five everyone he meets! Because today’s noon, I was in a bad mood, but then I saw this incredibly silly and cutest doggo, Norbert, and I swear, everything was okay again!

I Agree, Norbert’s Little Pink Side-Tongue Would Have Been Enough To Tempt Me, But He Also Gives High-Five That No One Can Snub:

Source: Instagram

At only seven inches in height and three pounds of fluff, Norbert is the little hope for everyone. Plus, he was the only puppy in his litter, which is really unusual for dogs, gesturing many unrevealed data to hunt. But he is definitely part Chihuahua, and different DNA tests have been unsettled what that’s been mixed with, I mean, there are many possibilities.

Recently, Our Cute Doggo Had A Surgery To Remove A Benign Tumor From One Of His Legs, And He Is Recovering Fastly!

Source: Instagram

To mention, Norbert is a registered therapy dog. His mom, Julie, taught Norbert herself, and it turned out – the cutest is also the smartest one, because Norbert passed all the therapy tests on his first attempt, by the time he was only one. Today, he’s turned 10, but he wants to bring happiness to everyone he meets.

And I, In My Entire Life, Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Before – A MORE THAN PERFECT DOGGO HIGH-FIVE!

I Could Watch Norbert Giving High-Five On A Loop! What About You?

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