Magnificent Nicobar Pigeons Are Considered To Be The Country Cousin Of The Extinct Dodo!


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Well, for most of us, the image of a pigeon is one of a nuisance, I mean, they flock in big cities, where their principally grey appearance fits with the urban landscape as they steal our lunches and poop mostly everywhere. But recently, I have learned something ~ pigeons can be beautiful too ~ and these Nicobar Pigeons are a full proof of that!

Guys, meet the magnificent Nicobar Pigeon ~ birds of paradise isles.

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These unique yet spectacular birds are found in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands that give them their name, as well as parts of other southeast Asian countries.

Their most distinctive feature is their vibrant feathers that shine in iridescent blues, coppers, and greens, in addition to its reddish legs and whitish tail, which evoked because of their location.

Plus, they are the only member of the genus Caloenas still existing, thus making them the country cousin of the famous but extinct dodo.

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Regrettably, Nicobar Pigeons are in decline because of deforestation and the release of non-native predators (like rats and cats) to these islands.

They are also frequently captured as food and for the prize of their feathers and gizzard stones.

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The species is considered a “near threatened” species according to the IUCN red list.

Gladly, conservationists are already fighting to protect these magnificent birds, and we hope that “near threatened” never gets more serious.

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