Newborns In Thailand Are Getting Face Shields To Protect Them From The COVID-19, And It’s Such A Pity!

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Born into an era taken over by a lethal global pandemic, these innocent newborns need the protection of their own, and the struggle to survive must continue. And doctors are coming with different approaches making sure these newborns get a better beginning, and in this vein, recently, a Thai hospital went viral for sharing pics of newborns wearing tiny face shields “because safety is what we care about the most,” the representatives of the hospital stated.

Newborn babies in Thailand are equipped with tiny face shields to protect them from the COVID-19, plus it’s an effort to give mothers “peace of mind” at the hospital.

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These face masks are intended to stop any coronavirus-carrying ounce from coughs or sneezes from reaching the little baby’s face; after all, these baby-humans also need resistance.

In a post posted on Facebook last week, the doctors at the Praram 9 Hospital in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok said the masks were being adopted “because safety is what we care about the most.”

Pics shared from the maternity ward show nurses wearing surgical masks while holding the newborn babies wrapped in blankets, fitted with tiny visors.

Anywho, babies wear face shields only for a small sum of time, like when taken home from the hospital.

Via Facebook

Despite there aren’t much confirmed COVID-19 cases registered for children, but the virus can affect people of any age. At the time of writing, Thailand has 2,579 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 40 resulting deaths. Hence, safety shouldn’t be compromised!

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