Are You & Your Catto Ready To Throw-Up Your Best Shot For The National Cat Awards, Or Else, I Am Definitely Winning!

Well, for beginners, the National Cat Awards is a really high step to see how thoroughly they read their catto (or ‘s’ at the end) – and most importantly – how expertly they work in partners for the biggest competition in the cat calendar!

Because The National Cat Awards Has Invited You And Your Feline Friend For The Biggest Event In The Cat Calendar:

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The National Cat Awards 2020 has invited every individual catto lover across the United Kingdom to nominate their furry feline friend for the most significant event in the feline year, with the chance of winning a multitude of prestigious prizes.

And Just Like The Oscars Or Any Notable Awards, You Can Nominate Your Feline Friend In Five Categories:

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So, just when you began thinking the contest is going to be a piece of cake – ‘because every catto is cute enough to break our hearts with their adorable tenderness’, the competition has commenced to disclose its rules – not only to make it complex but also to establish its significance!

Yeah, the annual event, ran by the Cats Protection charity trust, is celebrating cats across the nation, embracing stories of devotion, heroism, and fellowship.

And here’re the five categories you can nominate your catto for:

Hero Cat – Cats that save the day.

Most Caring Cat – Cats that positively impact a person’s health or wellbeing.

Furr-ever Friends – Tales of friendship between children and cats.

Outstanding Rescue Cat – Fabulous felines adopted from animal charities.

PURINA® Better Together – Celebrating the special bond that has transformed and enriched the lives of both a feline and human.

But Don’t You Worry – You And Your Feline Friend Has Got Plenty Of Time To Nominate Your Batch!

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Well, the entries have just opened, and they will be taking submission till noon on Thursday, March, 12th 2020 (are you happy now?), that’s a long time to hit the goal, correct?

And Look What You’re Winning?

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The awards will see their owners of the triumphant cats presented with their medals at a daytime ceremony at London’s Savoy Hotel, on Thursday 6 August.

Plus! The overall winner – the National Cat of the Year 2020 – will inherit the title from Jeffree, a moggy from Coventry that served a teenager with Asperger syndrome cope with the death of his father.

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One of the National Cat Awards organizers, Kate Bunting, told something that we think is very sweet and kind of her, “Cats have a unique take on life, capable of bringing a sense of calm and comfort while also being endlessly entertaining. Their sense of fun and devotion for their owners makes them much-loved pets in millions of homes.” Kate said, “We’re once again proud to be hosting these awards to celebrate everything we love about cats, and we can’t wait to hear about the UK’s most fabulous felines.

The job of picking the winners will be down to a board of celebrity cat-lovers, including Andrew Collins, who will be one of the critics selecting the National Catto of the Year.

So, are you up to submit a boastful entry for the National Cat Awards 2020, and did you hear – the clocks are tickling!!!

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