Viral ‘Fox Dog’ Is Surprisingly A Pomeranian-Husky Mix Named Mya, But My Eyes Can’t Beleive It!

We talk about how cute cats and dogs are every time – but did we ever say – how hard it is to stand out and go viral? I mean, it takes a little extra special to really stand out and go trending. And today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to this new Instagram cutesy pup – known to people as ‘Fox Dog’ – but her name is – Mya!

This adorable dog had a small devoted fan-following, but she recently went trending over the globe after a user posted her photo on Reddit:

Instagram | Mya The Pomsky

Actually, Mya is a pomeranian-husky mix, but the Redditors seemed stubborn to accept her as a Pomsky, and willingly referred her as a Pokémon.

Instagram | Mya The Pomsky

Redditors also classified her as a fire type Pokémon.

And so the “Fox Dog” went trending:

Instagram | Mya The Pomsky

A Reddit user f4vre said, “The real Mozilla Firefox.”

Anywho, whether you choose Pocket Dragon or Web Mascot – the majority agreed that Mya seems more like a fox than a dog.

But, she is an ordinary innocent furry doggo from South Florida who loves to play and fetch sticks!

However, I must mention that – not every Pomsky will look like a Pokémon – so yeah – Mya is unusual (and gorgeous too).

Instagram | Mya The Pomsky

Pomskies are an almost new mixed breed, and you can see why they’ve become big – but as they are very recent – their longterm health issues are still a mystery!

Nevertheless, as long as you adopt one without precise expectations, and at least have done a little research about the breed – Pomskies can become great companions.

So, why don’t you follow her on Instagram and see whether she is everything you always look in for a pet!

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