Murder Hornets Are Bad, But Japanese Bees ‘Cooking’ Them to Death Are Really Good!


OK, most Americans are currently facing the immense threat from these stinging monsters known as Murder Hornets. Because obviously, these hornets are particularly nasty and so highly lethal that their bite has been described in feeling as “like a hot nail through the leg.”

So, if you’re anxious about the murder hornets coming for you this summer, here’s a catch ~ you must lure them into your oven, set it on high, and cook them till death (a piece of cake, isn’t it?)!

I mean, in Japan the insects kill between 30 and 50 people per year, and that being said, humans are hardly the hornet’s primary target, the honor belongs to honeybees, which are already on the decline in the U.S.

However, in Asia, Japanese Bees have learned to fight back. They explicitly (as opposed to their European counterparts) form “hot defensive bee balls” to collaboratively cook hornets at a temperature that the bees can withstand, but the hornets cannot!

A National Geographic video shows these bees can raise their body temperature to 47 degrees Celsius ((117 degrees Fahrenheit), which is just enough to kill the murder hornet. And they do this because the hornet’s exoskeleton is too stiff for them to penetrate with their stingers.

Regrettably, the only problem is, European honeybees, which are the most common pollinators in the U.S., don’t know the same bee ball technique. But, for their sake, hopefully, they can learn.

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