Monique Is Looking For A Forever Home After Nobody Showed Up To Her B’Day Party!

We talk about cats for different reasons – but the quiddity of ‘everything about felines’ is – we adore them more than anything. And recently, when we heard that BDCH is urging people to come forward to give a cat a forever home of love and care, but nobody turned up for a pitiful reason – we thought – giving you a quick glance of her might change something. So, presenting – Magnificient Monique!

Meet this two-year-old angelic feline – Monique – who is patiently awaiting her forever home at Battersea. Recently, the shelter threw a small party on her birthday, but the distressing part that may even break your heart is – nobody came!

Apparently, the cat has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which is basically a slow-acting virus, and most cats live long happy and healthy lives – and the better part is – a catto is not euthanized when it is diagnosed with FIV:


FIV doesn’t get passed to humans by a cat, and the living proof is Monique herself. I mean, she has been in the shelter for over three months now, but no humans in the roof have got themselves in any medical sickness due to her.

However (yes, there is a ‘however’) – there is a need to protect other cats and dogs from this virus, and to preserve the health of the carrier – the shelter suggests to rehome FIV+ cats to homes with cat proof gardens, meaning that she will be the only cat in the household.

Besides Monique’s malady, she has a delightful nature and a lot of affection to give, once she feels safe and settled:

The shelter said that she loves spending time with her human friends and enjoys leaping around her pen when they play with her favorite string toy. She also fancies a good head and chin rub, and will let you know just how much by purring away in delight!


So, isn’t this the perfect moment for you to get one sweet little kitty for yourself (unless you already have another pet) – who will help you to deal with your daily-life-stress with love and gentleness? Click here if you’re already fascinated by this angelic feline!


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