Here’s How Mona Lisa And Others Would Have Looked Today!

Well, it’s no myth that we are fascinated by history and archaeology, mostly because of the enormous hall of famous alumni, like Julius Caesar, Mona Lisa, and many more.

But I guess humans perceive the past as a series of events, something like a movie that we can’t really feel or touch, and that’s the thing what unites us and bring closer to those that truly humanize us – the bodies from Pompeii, the perfectly preserved Inca mummies, the personal objects of those long gone, and more.

Plus! It’s so captivating that an entire account of Instagram is dedicated toward it – meet (royalty_now_), a viral Instagram account that brings past events and famous historical figures to modernism – aka – giving them an incredible posture of how they have looked today, ultimately bringing them to life. Keep scrolling to see the events in live-action!

#1. Alexander The Great


#2. Agrippina The Younger

#3. Louis XIV, The Sun King


#4. Katherine Of Aragon


#5. Louis XV

#6. Marie Antionette


#7. Abraham Lincoln

#8. Emperor Augustus

#9. Queen Isabella Of Castile


#10. Christina Of Denmark

#11. Caligula


#12. Madame Du Barry


#13. Napoleon

#14. Katherine Howard


#15. King Henry VII


#16. Mona Lisa

#17. Nefertiti

#18. Julius Caesar

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