Once Again, Michelle Obama Snatches The “Most Admired Women” Of The Year Title, Beating Melania Trump For The Second Time In A Row!

First thing first, we already knew that the first lady, Melania Trump, had big space to fill when she moved into the White House because replacing an influential lady – like Michelle Obama is not an easy task yet!

And now, after attempting her enough to fit in the empty shoes of the White House for nearly three years, it is undeniable that Melania Trump hasn’t been able to breach Michelle’s legacy, as she has again fallen behind her in the poll for the “Most Admired Woman” – and that will sting!

Because The Obamas Are Still One Of The Most Powerful Families In The World:

Actually, They Are The OBAMAS Of The People:

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Oh, And Just So You Know (Because Everyone Does), Barack Obama Wasn’t Alone In His Presidential Journey, But Michelle Obama Stood Right Next To Him, Becoming The Most Powerful And Influential Personality, And Yeah – The Most Idyllic First Lady!

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And, Even After Barack’s Reign Came To An End, Michelle Has Gripped-Tight Her Influence Over The World Through Her Notable Works:

Her memoir, Becoming Michelle Obama, which was published last year, has reached out to millions of readers, instantaneously hitting the best-seller section and becoming the book of the decade. Plus, her constant engagements with different people and various philanthropy works have held her up in the commune’s eye!

So, it’s groundless to argue…

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Her forerunner to the title of First Lady, Melania Trump, had large boots to fill!

The Day President Donald J Trump Was Inaugurated Was A Taut One:

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The Obamas and the Trumps are like paper and scissors, and the world witnessed it!

And Melania Has Done Her Fullest To Fulfill All Formal First Lady’s Parts But Replacing Michelle Obama Was Never Going To Be Easy – Not In This Life!

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OK, Melania is supported her husband well, she remained standing and smiling at public events, she has shaken hands of great leaders, but that’s not everything! Because to live up to Michelle’s legacy, it’s more about building compassion with people and forming a bond rather than focusing on modernizing and being a fashion model!

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And Now, The World Has Spoken…And, Just Like Every Year, Michelle Came Out On Top As Most Admired Woman, Knocking Melania Trump Into Second Place!

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Just like every year, Gallup has conducted their annual survey – in which influential men and women are listed on their admirability. And undoubtedly, Michelle has topped securing 10% of the votes, while Melania landed up with 5% of the votes – that’s 50% less if compared to Michelle’s!

Oh, and FYI, Melania did beat other influencers such as Oprah Winfrey, Greta Thunberg, and Hilary Clinton, who all gained 3% of the vote.

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After All, The Numbers Don’t Lie!

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