A 3-Months-Old Puma Can’t Survive The Wild, So, He Becomes A Giant, Spoiled House Cat!

First thing first, we have already seen a lot of people keeping exotic animals as pets, and in most cases, those animals don’t reside in human homes or at least not on their beds (okay, I will go now, bye), wait, unless there is a unique case! And that’s what happened with Messi, a 90-pound puma that lives like a giant, spoiled house cat in Russia.

Meet Messi, A 3-Month-Old Puma, Who Was Born At Saransk Zoo Along With Two Other Cubs:

Source: Instagram

Messi was born at Saransk Zoo, along with two other cubs, before he was sold to a petting zoo in Penza.

Unfortunately, the wild Messi was diagnosed with health issues that obstructed the petting zoo from keeping him. Plus, those health issues even made him unsuitable for wildlife sanctuaries, so the zoo-keepers were considering the option on euthanasia.

And Then Alexandr and Mariya Dmitriev Visited The Zoo, Felling In Love With This Darn Messi! It was obviously their love at first sight moment!

Source: Instagram

After a lot of consideration, the couple revisited the zoo, this time for adopting Messi, ultimately saving him from being put down.

The couple prudently nursed him back to health, though he will grow to be half the size of an actual puma (but he gets to live).

The Couple Took Precautions While Training And Socialising Him For Domesticated Life:

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They took him for regular walks and allowed him to spend quality time with big dogs, learning to behave well and play nice. They also pushed him to take basic canine obedience classes!

And Finally, The Rescued Puma Became A Big, Spoiled House Cat:

Source: Instagram

OH, and FYI, Messi is also trained to go to the bathtub to urinate when his caretakers are unavailable for an outdoor potty break!

No Doubt, He Looks One Giant House Cat In The Videos!


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