This Meow Meow Cat Expresses Her Disgust For The World With Dignity, And That Reminds Me Of Gina Linetti From Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Folks, a new kitty Meow Meow from Taiwan, has grabbed the internet’s attention that justified to be among the world’s grumpiest felines.

Plus, as per Meow Meow’s owners, she is too quick, elegant, and expresses her disgust for the world with dignity, conclusively becoming one of the ultra-smoothest kitties out there.

Anyway, this sweet grouchy kitty reminds me of Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The sassiest dancer, star, and the absolute demigoddess that has ever existed.


Gina has a pot filled with ego for days, plus she isn’t afraid to let people know what she thinks about them. Whether it’s her liberation of Amy and Charles or her harsh takedowns of Terry, Jake, and Holt, she has a sassy criticism for every situation.

In a nutshell, Gina Linetti will cut off your die-hard “human-values,” and will still finish as the modest of all, because she is excellent at it!


OK, so when we heard of the grumpiest cat Meow Meow, we knew she was something special!

Meow Meow’s owner, Clare, shared that she first met the kitty at an old pet shop where her ex-owner had dumped her for some unknown reason.

“It was love at first sight, and she was only 10-month-old, so my younger brother and I brought her to our house,” Claire confirmed on adopting the catto.

And Despite Her Grumpy Look, Meow Meow Is Very Sweet:


Clare also added, “Mostly people judge each other by their looks and counterviews, but the same rule doesn’t go with the pets, because despite Meow Meow’s turbulent gaze, she is one of the friendliest critters to play with, plus she massages me using her paws to awake me every single day.”

And the reason why she looks so angry is because of the ‘Batman’ mark on her face.

Clare said Meow Meow has a “Batman Mark” on her face – and yep! I see it.

“I think people often get confused with her angry face because of the batman mark on her face. However, to me, she remains the sweet innocent kitty that she is.” Clare admitted.

“Even when I take her snaps, I find her very gentle. Besides, I dressed her like a princess once, and my friends told me she looked more like a queen.”

Well, Batman would definitely love to have Meow Meow in Wayne Manor, and maybe she could toss him up a little bit.

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