Man Buys Turtles Only To Release Them Back Into The Ocean, And This Is The Kindest Thing I Have Ever Seen!

Recently, two turtles reserved to be traded and killed for food in Papua New Guinea were fortunately conserved from their dreadful end because of one compassionate gentleman who went out of his way to spare these beautiful creatures!

His name is Arron Culling – he and his co-worker Mark bought the turtles at a local market and personally escorted them back to the ocean – the place where they actually belong.


And is it even legal to sell live sea turtles, you ask? Well, the creatures are available for human purchase and consumption in some parts of the world, including Papua New Guinea!

Facebook | Arron Culling

Plus, according to a study, these turtles are harvested for their eggs, meat, skin, and shells, with some officials estimating over 40,000 are killed every single year.

So, when Arron Culling and his co-worker came across these creatures in the market – they knew they had to do something – to send a message!

And it only cost them around $50 to purchase the pair of turtles – but what they did after that is – much more dignified and – was required – indeed!

Facebook | Arron Culling

They escorted the reptiles down the road to a nearby beach where they were finally able to free the poor creatures back into the ocean where they truly belong.

Besides, this isn’t the first time the pair have unleashed turtles from their local food market.

Facebook | Arron Culling

As Arron Culling explained in a comment on his Facebook post, he estimates that they’ve probably saved at least 10 Turtles from meeting a terrible death at the hands of human beings.

Arron hopes to keep the great work and continue to rescue this reptile from the markets to back into the ocean!


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