Man Adopted A Dog With A Tumor So The Puppy Could Live Out The Rest Of His Days With Unconditional Love!

There is no graver news than listening from a vet that your pet is not going to live more days. I mean, it’s mortifying, utterly sounds someone just took away everything you own! And the pets, who are twirling amidst the edges of life and death, have to spend their final days in the animal shelters – more than a punishment! And sadly, we know of one doggo, Thanos, who was suffering from an incurable disease, and his owners had dumped him at a native animal shelter to fade alone until one amazing hero came along…Luciano, who got inspired by this sick pup story and reared him – Yeah, this man adopted a dog with a tumor!

Meet Thanos, A Dog With Cancer. Unhappily, The Disease Caused A Big Tumor To Form On His Forehead!

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Thanos was diagnosed with a disease that science couldn’t do, and eventually, as his condition worsens, the innocent doggo would die. So, the right solution his owners thought was dumping him at a native animal shelter, despite it being his hours of need.

And Rehoming Him Wasn’t That Easy…In Fact, Desolating!

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Four families had rejected the proposal of petting Thanos for his poor health and the fact that he would die (soon), and apparently, it seemed that little Thanos would have to spend his final days in the animal shelter.

Until On One Bright Day…Thanos Met The Hero Of His Life – A 21-Year-Old Guy, Luciano. For Luciano, It Was Love At First Sight!

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Not only Luciano decided to adopt the dog with a tumor, but also he was pretty confident of using the laws of unconditional love that may help to cure cancer. But it wasn’t too easy, after all, vets had suggested that Thanos would pass away shortly, “I arrived home with a piece of my heart in my hand,” Luciano had said.

And Sadly, Luciano Didn’t Get The Answer He Wished For:

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For extending the life of Thanos to spend much more time together, Luciano took him to a stem cell veterinarian to see what they could do. With hope, and reaching out to the ears of the Gods to help Thanos at this extremely crucial period, unfortunately, none could be done – because the vets told that Thanos had a very short sum of time to live!

So Luciano Did What He Could Do At His Best, And Thanos Seemed Happier Than Ever:

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Despite the time limit both of them had, they decided to make their every moment special, “I pampered Thanos as much as possible, giving the pooch a new lease of life,” the man who adopted a dog with a tumor said, “Thanos started snuggling and playing like any other dog, and his terminal disease didn’t get in the way,” Luciano mentioned.

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But Unfortunately, The Fall Came And Thanos Got To Leave:

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Yeah, a marvelous act of kindness from the human’s side, but nature had to do its job. And sorrowfully, Thanos passed earlier this year, and Luciano wished him a farewell on social media, writing, “I will love you forever.”

“Rest In Peace!!!” The Viral Candy says.

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