Mother Cat Refused To Let Her Ill Kitty Down And Brought Her To The Hospital Herself, And Yes, Both Of Them Are Just Fine!

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Nowadays, I feel, while the world is undergoing the most consequential menace to humanity for years, it has become difficult to remember that there are other stories out there, more importantly, good stories. And fortunately, we have internet, which is eminently loaded with other stories out there that have nothing to do with COVID-19. Here’s one of them: a spectacularly uplifting story of a mama cat who refused to let her kitty down and brought her to the hospital herself.

A couple of days ago, a mama cat brought her ill kitten to the hospital:

Twitter | @ozcanmerveee

And an experienced team of medics rushed out to help! The paramedics surrounded the mother petting her and her kitten while looking for an injury or whatever was wrong.

The photos were shared online and went viral instantly, the original poster wrote, “Today we were in the emergency room of the hospital when a cat rushed to bring her offspring in her mouth.”

Twitter | @ozcanmerveee

The incident took place in Turkey, and thanks to the Turkish people who are well known for their love and respect for stray animals.

And while doctors were checking the ill kitten, mama cat was being taken care of too ~ she was given milk and food.

Twitter | @ozcanmerveee

However, a user wrote that the mommy cat wouldn’t let her kitten out of sight and followed her everywhere the doctors took her. But later, she got relaxed once she got some food.

And after checking them both over, doctors at the Turkish hospital sent the duo to a vet, and gladly, both of them seemed okay.

Twitter | @ozcanmerveee

And wait! The story gets even better ~ a Reddit user mentioned that the doctor who sent them away to the vet ended up adopting the duo.

Via Reddit

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