“Make Women Great Again” Conference Hosted By Men That Teaches Women How To Be A Better Feminine!

Welcome to the year 2020, where a conference run entirely by a team of men, promising to teach women how to become an “ideal lady” is somehow a real workshop that’s actually going to happen in ‘ “Make Women Great Again” I mean, seriously!

So, the official name 22 Conventions, the “Make Women Great Again” conference, is an upcoming 3-day event in Orlando, Florida, where women can drop two thousand dollars on a ticket so a pathetic group of men can teach them how to become an ultimate wife! Only our goal in life, right ladies?

I Know It’s Hard To Trust This Event, But To Do That, You’ll Need To Know Who This Guy In The Red Hat Is?

Back in the year 2007, Anthony Dream Johnson established 21 Studios, the firm behind the upcoming pro-patriarchy conference. And most newly, he tweeted, “Feminists are the new KKK,” so that’s a pretty broad description about this fellow!

OH, And FYI, Anthony Had An Event Held For Just Men Called The 21 Convention:

Source: 22 Convention

On their website, it’s written in words like, “the most intense, marathon-like growth experience for men on earth” by teaching a “pro-father, pro-man, pro-masculinity” set of dogmas.

And apparently, Anthony thought that it’s not men who need to get better, but women. Hence, the 22 Convention!

And So Their Website Prominently States The Event Is “Ultimately Destined To Be The Mansplaining Event Of The Decade.”

Source: 22 Convention

And with an “all-male” panel of guest speakers lined up to educate women on how to become more feminine, appealing version of themselves, I think they may achieve that goal with no problem.

As the website asserts: “Women today are being taught to act more like men. Where has that led us? Skyrocketing rates of divorce, depression, dysfunction, and America at the no. 1 spot in the world for single motherhood. No longer will you have to give in to toxic bullying feminist dogma and go against your ancient, natural nature as a woman.”

Their Homepage also highlights the specific topics the guest lecturers will rant, all set against a chewing-gum-pink background (because, you know, women)!

Source: 22 Convention

As described above, the site believes that one of the principal threat a woman is facing is feminism, because it pushes ladies “to act like men, and DENY their very own feminine nature.” But that’s not okay, correct?

It also insists that women should embrace their womanliness if they ever hope to snag themselves a husband because “high-quality masculine men-breed want high-quality women to mother their child and set great examples for their daughters.” 

Oh, And If You Ever Wish To Grab A Jackpot, You’ll Want To Make Sure You’re Bodily Attractive Enough For Him, Too!

Source: 22 Convention

As outlined above, the site claims that obese women are “not prettier,” and they should push themselves to grow fit, so men will consider them giving a chance? In a nutshell, they’re doing this for reproduction!

Wait, They Will Also Teach You How To Get Hooked Fitly On Social Networks!

Source: 22 Convention

And Yeah, They Give Extra 400% Guarantee – That’s Five Hundred Percent! Why I Get This Feeling Like If I Am Getting Trained For A Battle.

Source: 22 Convention

You can check out the full list and biographies of all the men lined up to rant at the “Make Women Great Again” event, and if you are planning to visit, I must warn you, this is not about how to become a more independent woman in today’s society, but it focuses on how can you breed more and more healthy children for your husband while staying in their pits!

“Make Women Great Again” is the three-day event that’s going to happen in Orlando, Florida, from May 1-3, and tickets cost $2,000. Each!

Source: 22 Convention

Oh, And They Are Letting Certain Women Buy Tickets!

Source: 22 Convention

As stated on their website, the event is for “natural born women only.” While “being a mother is not required” to purchase the ticket, “but being a biological born natural female is.”

This decent workshop, held at an undisclosed place for “privacy concerns,” will try their best to help women to become the best versions of themselves that a team of guys thinks they should be!

Source: 22 Convention

You can guarantee you’ll walk out of the conference feeling like you’ve never felt before, “a brand new version of yourself ” in their words. 

After all, the men behind the event have helped over 35 million men and fathers all around the world, leaving them with an immense fan-base of “over 2,30,000 men” – now, that’s something you can’t deny. Good Luck!

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