Macon Funeral Home Adopts Therapy Doggo To Help Comfort Grieving Families, And Once Again, It’s A Pup Who Saves The Day!

It’s no wonder that dogs make us feel proud of their bravery, courage, loyalty, innocence, and a bumper shot of cuteness. I mean – imagine yourself having a distressed time somewhere, so you return to your resident only to gaze those almond-shaped glimmering eyes staring at you with love and integrity, utterly asking to get pet and in return, it will bestow its darn adorableness in a shrink of a second – and the relevant part is, you start feeling lively again. So, when we heard Macon Funeral Home is adopting a therapy puppy to help console grieving families, the internet was pleased and hailed that ‘a dog saves another day.

Meet, Mochi, this adorable puppy has been hired by part of Macon Funeral Home to help comfort grieving families. 

Facebook | Macon Funeral Home

On January 14, 2020, a North Carolina funeral home announced their new furry employee – a 10-week-old Bernese Mountain doggo, Mochi!

As the post reads, “Say hello to Mochi, the newest member of Macon Funeral Home. She’s an eight-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog who loves people and loves to sleep. We hope she will become a member of our grief support team and make therapy visits to those in need with her mom, Tori McKay.”

Mochi’s mum, Tori McKay, is the funeral home’s office administrator who believed Mochi would make the perfect therapy dog!

Facebook | Macon Funeral Home

On their firm website, Tori McKay has explained that she had been planning to get a doggo at the funeral home for 10 Years (to be exact).

Plus, as McKay described, Bernese Mountain Dogs are very loyal, caring, and gentle breed, which makes Mochi the perfect candidate for such a significant role.

However, Mochi isn’t officially a therapy puppy yet, and everything is gearing up to start her training soon.

Macon Funeral Home

McKay said that once she is between the age of 6 months and one year, she’ll be sent to Asheville for receiving her formal training, but until then, this doggo momma is working hard to nurture and socialize her to get her ready for her very vital role at the funeral home.

“Bernese Mountain pups do not have long life likelihood, perhaps six to eight years is standard,” McKay revealed.

Hence, she wants Mochi’s life to retain as much purpose as possible.

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