A Gigantic ‘Rotten Carcass’ Was Spotted Washed Up On Beach In Scotland, And People Deem It Could Be The Remains Of The Mythical Loch Ness Monster!

OK, it seems like the mythical creatures are back to woo your toddlers, so when they grow up and have kids of their own – they too can boast their kids with some mystical tales. 

Anyway, I don’t think you or your kids will be so impressed by the supposed mythical creature Loch Ness Monster that people spotted on a beach in Aberdeen during Storm Ciara – because it’s dead, and wait the worst is coming – it’s actually a gigantic rotten skeleton, so if your hopes of seeing a real Loch Ness Monster had raised-up, you have been baffled. But again, who knows we get to see dragons in no time, nature is gifted!

Some Locals In Aberdeen Spotted A Rotten Carcass Washed Up On The Beach During Storm Ciara, And Believe It Could Be One Of the Mythical Creatures:

Facebook | Fubar News

As seen in the photo posted on Facebook by Fubar News, a kid is trying to prove his power upon an enormous skeleton that people speculated it could be the remains of the Loch Ness Monster, despite the notorious body of water is roughly 100 miles away.

Fubar News posted this photo on their Facebook account hours after Storm Ciara wrecked Britain with 90mph winds, and it reads, “Came across this weird creature today near Aberdeen. Any ideas what it could be?”

And Though Many Folks Believe The Gigantic Skeleton Was Once A Whale, Others Joked The Carcass Could Be The Remains Of Scotland’s Very Own Loch Ness Monster:

Google Images

I cannot believe my eye!

Anyway, a user named Emma soon revealed the truth of the nation’s folklore monster, adding, “Nessie could not adapt to saltwater.”

So, It’s Just A Mythy-Myth I Guess!


Well, a story was covered in the comment section speculated over Nessie – who was first “spotted” back in 565 AD.

Loch Ness’s native monster was stated in the biography of Irish monk St Columba that mentions, a monstrous “water beast” hauling a man to his death.

The interest climaxed in the 1930s when a road was built along the loch, allowing monster seekers to come to hunt Nessie. Also, the following year the notorious “surgeon’s photograph” was captured, which obliges to show Nessie poking her head out of the water.

However, in 1975 it was exhibited the famous picture was a hoax made using an artificial monster’s head.

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