Lion, Tiger, And Bear Lived Like Brothers For Over Fifteen Years, And I Am Like – Oh My God!

OK, I don’t blame you if you’re picturing a specific scene from The Wizard Of Oz after reading the title, but in this case, the story is prettier, these three wild-animals, aka lion, tiger, and bear, aren’t scary at all. In fact, they are beloved brothers. 

Yeah, for the period of fifteen years, the bear, Baloo; the lion, Leo; and the tiger, Shere Khan, lived together at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia.

The trio was called BLT by staff members and their fans.

Though You Might Be Staring – Bears And Big Cats Don’t Naturally Go Together, BLT’s Story Is One Of The Best Examples Of Nurture Trumping Nature!

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I mean, even though their kinds would never cross each other’s routes in the wild, the trio formed an unconditional bond through early trauma and were intertwined from then on.

The Bond Evolved In The Year 2001 When The Trio Were Found In The Basement Of A Home After A Drug Bust In Atlanta!

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Their health-conditions were terrible. I mean, all three were malnourished and infested with parasites.

Leo had a scratched nose, but it was Baloo, whose health was most dreadful. Regrettably, he was wearing a harness that had never been adjusted while he grew, and his skin had joined around it.

Also, While Baloo Had To Go Through A Surgery For Removing Harness, And He Was Isolated From The Cats, It Became Crystal-Clear For The Rescuers Team That They Belonged Together!

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When Baloo was having surgery, the rescuers witnessed immense crying and moaning of Leo and Shere Khan – and they only calmed down once Baloo was returned.

Then, It Was Impossible To Separate Them. It Was Like A Single Soul Sharing Three Hearts!

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And for over fifteen years, BLT lived together in a three-acre garden – they napped together, played together, and ate together.

Sadly, Back In 2016, Leo Had To Go:

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A team of vets discovered that eight percent of Leo’s liver was capped with an inoperable tumor, so the best choice for him was to pass peacefully.

Baloo and Shere Khan got to say their last goodbyes, but the staff said it was likely they knew their mate was ill long before. Plus, Leo was buried next to their clubhouse so that he would always stay close.

And Later In 2018, Shere Khan Also Passed:

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Baloo stayed with him until the end, and he was buried next to his pal, Leo. 

The staff has been working really hard to help Baloo through his grieving process, plus he seems glad to meet visitors at the sanctuary. 

And despite Leo and Shere Khan have left us, the legacy of lion, tiger, and bear, aka BLT, is one of hope. Plus, in the year, Judi Peterson said that if a lion, a tiger, and a bear can get along, people should be able to get alongI hope we can achieve that!

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