Baby Koala Receives New Life On Planet Earth, Though This Time With The Hands Of A Woman, And That Makes Me Extra Proud!

Recently, my friend Jasmine asked me, “what influential steps can we take to make our planet great again?” For a second, it sounded like another strike-topic to me, but unfortunately, nothing appeared, and we got busy with our lives. Anyway, this morning I read about a baby Koala, who fell from a tree in Melbourne, Australia, and got severely injured. Plus, the big trouble is, the baby koala is only 150 days old, and due to the tragic incident, the baby lost her mother.

Fortunate enough, the Werribee Open Range Zoo brought the baby Koala at a critical stage yet at the correct time and saved her life, but the baby had to sacrifice her arm. Besides, there were (are) questions related to the baby’s survival, as she is so young and missing a parent.

Image Credit: Social Media

However, Jess Rice (who is a vet in the zoo) has officially adopted the baby Koala, and she has promised to take care of her until the baby is capable enough to survive the wild. But there are certain risks Jess is afraid of, and while speaking on it, she said, “It was heart-touching when I saw her for the first time. Because she was just at the stage where she would have been starting to poke her head out of her mum’s pouch and believe me, baby Koala at this stage don’t have a good living chance in the care .”

This act of Jess Rice (though it’s her job) is truly inspirational. Literally, not many of us would be able to do what she is done. I observe a lot of people speaking of protecting nature and so, but how come we rarely find people practicing it in reality! I would love to quote this, “It’s time we change our knowledge system from learning to practicing.” – What truly matters!


Image Credit: Social Media

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