Kate Hudson Surprisingly Confronts Jimmy Fallon About His Crush On Her, Says, “I Would’ve Gone There!’


Sometimes, I think about all the ‘could have been(s)’ in life, like all the fortune I could’ve had if I’d chosen a different career, all the people I could’ve known if I’d walked a different road, all the relationships I could’ve had if I’d only known the other person was interested ~ yeah, I share the last one with Jimmy Fallon – when he had to confront that on his show with actress Kate Hudson.

So, let’s say that Jimmy Fallon is certainly bad at expressing his feelings when he likes someone. Because during another home edition of The Tonight Show on Monday, the late-night talk show host chatted with his former Almost Famous co-star Kate Hudson, and things got awkward fast as Kate mentioned, “There were like relationships that came out of it — oh, which by the way, we need to discuss.”

Kate then brought up how Jimmy accidentally revealed he had a crush on her during a previous Tonight Show segment called Pour It Out, “And when you were doing your show, I had like 100 people send me that clip,” Kate laughed!

And, while Jimmy seemed flustered about the whole thing, Kate confessed, she would have really gone on a date with him, if he had only asked, “You gave me no indication,” she teased.

Though Kate Hudson and Jimmy Fallon are now both happy with their partners, the conservation happens to steal their souls for a bit! Enjoy it below!

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