TikTok Of A College Girl Kaitlyn Murdock Being Harassed By A Creepy Man Is Something Every Woman Have To Deal With, And It’s Infuriating!

Recently, Kaitlyn Murdock, a 20-year-old college girl from Canada, encountered what almost every woman has to deal with at some part in their life – when she went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday – and – unwanted harassment from men!

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Kaitlyn revealed the series of disgusting incidents that she fell through that night – Kaitlyn said she had to ask a random person to stop putting his arm around her and to leave her alone – plus when she was outside, few guys kept talking to her, inquiring about her friend, so, she rushed to the other side of the bar to escape them.

But then, after the party was over and Kaityln was alone, another creepy man showed up to harass her!


Men scare me, Men scare me, Men scare me, Men scare me #fyp

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This TikTok clearly shows Kaitlyn looking annoyed as the creepy man asks her if she can give him some “warmth” (seriously?). Anyway, she calmly tells him she doesn’t “have any warmth to give” to get rid of him!

Although when he advances, Kaitlyn gets more intrepid, ultimately telling the guy she doesn’t want to have a chat with him, provoking him to get upset and finally leave, calling her a “b*tch.”


Kaitlyn Murdock told a source that she was very scared while talking to that irritating rat, “It was very creepy and scary. I am a very skinny and weak girl, so it’s hard to be assertive to men when I’m uncomfortable because you never truly know who is going to become violent or aggressive, and I am not physically able to overpower anyone who would try to hurt me.

And – she made a TikTok as proof of what the man was saying and how unsettling it was – plus, the public should know what women have to go through when they’re out in the city – especially alone. WE HOPE PEOPLE SHOULD COME FORWARD TO RAISE MORE AWARENESS OF THIS ISSUE!


We keep trying and trying to voice the fear, but we are continuously hit with comments like, ‘maybe don’t wear revealing clothing then,’ or, ‘it’s your fault for being nice and smiling at them.’ It’s not fair that being a decent human being and exercising our right to wear whatever we want makes it our fault for being harassed.” Kaitlyn Murdock said.

So, all the men out there, take this incident as a lesson to keep your fingers and everything away from a woman, ESPECIALLY if a woman seems UNCOMFORTABLE!


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