This Awesome Judge Held The Baby Of A Law Graduate Mother As She Was Vowed Into The State Bar!

There is no doubt that jurisdiction is strict, and the customs of most state institutions leaves very little room for human things, despite meeting them in person for the first time. Anyway, once in a while, there comes a story from these state institutions of how human they can get! And presenting today is, Judge Dinkins who held the baby of a law student as she vowed into the state bar.

A delightful video went viral on Twitter of Judge Dinkins holding adorable one-year-old baby while administering the state bar oath:

After finishing their studies, law students have to seek admission in the bar in the US to practice law in their respective states. The role of state bars is functioning as professional lawyer associates that are generally committed to the administration of the legal profession in their jurisdiction and to serving its members.

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A newly-graduated lawyer and, mother Juliana Lamar, was about to be admitted to the state bar. For this vow-taking event, Judge Dinkins, a Court of Appeals Judge in Tennessee, was assigned to administer the oath. Before Juliana Lamar took her vow, Judge Dinkins himself offered Lamar to hold baby Beckham so that he would get a chance to participate in this particular occasion.

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The video went viral almost instantly with baby Beckham stealing the thunder with his hops and hips! As of the moment of this article, the video was viewed over 680,000 times, receiving over 56,000 likes and being retweeted nearly 10,000 times.

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The oath-ceremony was a big moment in Lamar’s life, as about a year ago, despite entering motherhood full-on with an emergency C-section, Lamar managed to return to studies very quickly, “It was possible because of my husband, Javon, who supported me at every stage of what I am today. And obviously, my little Beckham, we love you so much.” Lamar’s love for her family and dedication towards her work shows how strong she actually is!

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