6-Year-Old Boy Runs Joke Stand Instead Of Selling Lemonade To Make People Smile During The COVID-19!

Meet Callaghan McLaughlin, a 6-year-old lad who had been looking forward to starting his lemonade stand once the weather warmed up, but since the COVID-19 outbreak has forced the majority of the population into quarantine, he had to improvise, so he set-up a “walk-by joke stand.”

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Yeah, instead of spending his time indoors, Callaghan planned to spread laughter in his neighborhood by setting up a “walk-by joke stand” so he could make his neighbors laugh while maintaining social distancing guidelines.


Callaghan, who opens up his stand at 10 AM most days, knows 16 jokes, or maybe 17. And his mother, Kelsea, says that her son has been using one-liners from a kid’s joke book that she got him a few months ago.

For the past week, the kid has been running a joke stand at the end of his driveway on Penrhyn Street, offering free laughs to his neighbors and passersby. Callaghan reported CBC that he has been delivering the jokes for free because he wants people to save their money for more valuable stuff, like groceries (oh, a thinker too!).

Here’s one Callaghan’s hilarious pun for you: “What’s red, white and blue?” Wait for it. “A sad candy cane.”

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Callaghan says he is happy to spread some laughter during such hard times, adding, “There’s a lot of stress in the world, and I kind of want to get some smiles on people’s faces.”

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