If You Don’t Love Your Current Job, Then The Netflix’s Job Offer For An Associate Witcher May Become Your Destiny!

OK, this assuredly is a shame, because I would have loved to apply for this job, but I utterly love my work, so it’s alright. Anyway, if such is not the case with you because you’re up for 10-to-5 office-work plus you hate it totally, then this job offer for an Associate Witcher is a pretty good alternative!

OH, and FYI, skills required are – Monster hunting, looking good in baths, and expertise in Microsoft Excel.

Because The Witcher Is Like A Sauce…

Source: Netflix

Such a sauce in fact that for a while, it was the highest-rated series on Netflix, knocking out none other than Stranger Things plus Tuca and Bertie. It’s so much chill-time and looks they had fun while shooting it.

And Apparently, Everyone On The Set Is A Fan Of Either The Books Or Video Games (Or Both):

Oh boy, how thrilled it would get to work with these artists in real, and when you learn that Henry Cavill loves the games especially then I can’t think of anything better. Even I am planning to apply for the job now, so you better be ready for the competition!

So Wonder No More…

Source: Netflix

Because Netflix is looking for an Associate Witcher to work on the series, and as it seems, there is an attack by giant monsters on The Witcher’s set, so you better start getting ready.

But Seriously Though, Here’s The Not So Serious Job Offer Posting:

Source: Netflix

OH, though they have such a deep sense of humor is pretty uplifting, it’s kind of tongue in cheese, and it’s doubtful for fans whether the actual job offer is real or not? Well, you can find it here.

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