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Jimmy Fallon’s Daughter Loses A Tooth, And The Internet Can’t Help But Collectively D’AW!

Even though the spread of the COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown have brought the majority of the population to dismay, Jimmy Fallon’s daughter doesn’t stop to overload humor and cuteness. 

In the most recent ‘At Home’ edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Winnie won over interviewees Ciara and Russell Wilson with her brand new, fresh-from-the-mouth lost tooth ~ did you hear that? Tooth Fairy!

“Daddy, I lost my tooth.” Jimmy Fallon’s daughter came yelling in the background, crashing the interview with her cutesy factor. And while the late-night host expressed his excitement over the milestone and gave his daughter a gentle hug, the daughter explained how her mommy pulled the big breakthrough, “Mommy put a string around my tooth, and she tried to pull it out and then it worked.” It literally doesn’t get any cuter than that.

Jimmy also held up a packet containing the item along with a label that read “Winnie’s sixth tooth.” His youngest 5-year-old princess, Franny Fallon, then crashed the interview, as well to join in on the play.


Perhaps, Fallon Family Vlog, formerly known as The Tonight Show, is coming for all the family-channels on YouTube and probably wouldn’t mind an Emmy either. 

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