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Jimmy Fallon is Trying To Entertain Us From Home, But His Kids Keep Crashing The Monologue, And It’s Still Cute!

Jimmy Fallon has brought The Tonight Show to his home turf after closing down studio production due to the coronavirus pandemic. And lately, while shooting an episode of his show’s ‘At Home’ edition with his wife and two kids, the late-night host realized the struggles that tons of parents are going through right now – his kids are screaming, yelling, running in front of the camera, and climbing all over him while he tries to deliver his opening monologue – but OK, that’s still SWEET, I say!

Jimmy’s ‘At Home’ edition filmed with the help of his wife, Nancy, their mischievous and cute girls, Winnie and Franny, and their pet dog Gary is packed with fun!

Instagram | jimmyfallon

His oldest daughter Winnie is seven, and his youngest daughter Franny is six, which any parent can tell you is not the perfect age for kids around you when you’re trying to get the job done.

Jimmy’s show showcases the strains that tons of parents are going through right now; however, any parent working from home right now could tell it’s part of the course!

YouTube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

If you’re also a parent working from home, I’m sure you’ll link to what he’s dealing with, and if you’re not, it should unquestionably make you thankful for that!

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