Calling Out Stranger Things Fans, CONGRATULATIONS, Jim Hopper Is Alive, And There Is Much Scarier Things Yet Remain To Happen This Year!

We are all so thrilled for the fourth season of Stranger Things, and so far, it’s looking incredible. I mean, brand new information has just dropped, and fans are going super crazy, like this may be the break from the coronavirus curfew, but guys, our wishes have been finally answered because Jim Hopper is alive, well, maybe not well, but not dead either!

No doubt, The Stranger Things season 3 finale had left us all in doubts!

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I mean, in the finale episode, we saw the Byers family, along with Eleven, pack up and move out of Hawkins.

And when we were just finished wiping our tears away, they played a post-credit scene, transporting us to Russia, probably at a Russian-prison or secret base where the Soviets had gotten their hands on a Demogorgon and were sending it onto one of the prisoners.

In short, it left us reeling for more!!!

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Like, what happened to Eleven’s powers? Why did they disappear? Also, how on Earth did the Soviets get hold of the Demogorgon? And who is the “American” that the guards refer to in one of the locked prisons? We so desperately needed season 4!

And putting all the doubts aside, a few months ago, Stranger Things dropped this teaser, and it’s safe to say that season 4 is looking promising!

Meanwhile, leaked “photographs” of the filming released and began doing the rounds on the internet!

And Hopper’s car was visibly seen on set. Is this hope for Hopper’s return? However, we shouldn’t presume much there because actor David Harbour was nowhere to be seen, this doesn’t mean we should give up hope!

And when the official trailer dropped back in February, we were left completely speechless!

As it turns out, Jim Hopper is alive! I mean, finally, something good happened!

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And the release date is yet to be announced, and thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, the release date is more likely to be pushed even further back, so we probably won’t be getting the fourth season until next year now.

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However, Joe Keery, who plays the lovable Steve Harrington, recently spoke that we could expect the upcoming season much more sinister than any that have come before.

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Joe Kerry recently told in an interview that, “I think that this year – and I know I say this every single year, but this is definitely going to be a lot scarier than prior years because last year was pretty dark,” furthermore adding, “Oh man, it’s pretty amazing – the Duffer brothers have really done it again.”

Oh, our hopes are so very HIGH!


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