Janice From Friends Has A 20-Year-Old Daughter Who Went Viral For Recreating Her Mom’s Iconic Line, And Yes, She Has Nailed It!

No doubt, we can always count on Janice from Friends for her signature catchphrase, “Oh My God” (the moment she is surprised by literally anything) to make us glad at any time. And surprisingly, Janice’s real-life daughter, who is only 20-year-old, Gemma Remington, knows it, too.

But first, let’s confess that though Janice wasn’t one of the main characters on Friends, she was always a fan favorite (and still is, tbh), and “OH MY GOD,” she would shout!


Fans know Janice, who was played by Maggie Wheeler, has a real-life daughter who has recently gone viral for recreating her mother’s iconic line, and yup, she has nailed it!


The amount of times this has happened in a frat house basement is stupid #fyp #friends #janice #chandlerbing

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In the viral TikTok video, Remington wrote, “When people find out who my mom was on Friends and try to get me to do the voice,” and mouths the signature crackle. And though we didn’t hear the young and talented daughter saying the iconic phrase out loud, we hope, she’ll show us more in future TikToks.

Unsurprisingly, people loved it, and now, Maggie is reasonably going viral for it. I mean, one way or another, we are keeping Janice and those beautiful three words alive. And I absolutely love to see it.

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