Indian Photographer Takes Captivating Macro Pics Using His Smartphone, And I Am Like WOW!

This Indian photographer has to show how full of zeal our surrounding is!

Because no wonder – although we live our lives enhancing our standards, sequentially getting rid of our mother nature, there is so much mother nature has still created for us – our pleasant environment – full of life and beauty, revealing us there is so much to live, cherish, and taste, rather than ultimately going blind over to ruin it completely. 

But bless this Indian photographer, Sasi Kumar, who is using technology to get humans one step closer to nature, bestowing us – despite how tiniest the insecto (my code word for the insects’ civilization) may appear, it’s still fascinated by awe and delight. And Kumar captures those marvelous macro shots of insects only using his smartphone.

Indian Photographer, Sasi Kumar, Indulges Himself Into The Art Of Macro Photoshooting – So The Humans Could Have A Better Look At The Insecto:


Trust me – you get never stumble upon something like as pure as the sky every day, plus Kumar’s macro photography’s moonlighting skills is the other thing why they look so wholesome, and the point is – you’re going to love it. So keep scrolling until your heart is soaked with awe and delights.



























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