The Perfect Blep On Internet Has Been Found, And It Belongs To Ikiru The Cat!

Pet lovers, if you are familiar with the broad diction of cuteness, you will understand what a blep is. And though every blep is cute, Ikiru the cat’s is very special.

And for those who don’t know what a BLEP is – it’s a state when an animal sits with their tongue out all cutely. Also, do not get confused with an MLEM, which is when they flick their tongue out!

According to the experts, Ikiru is a perfectly wholesome and exotic shorthair ~ the breed is famous for its flat, cuddly faces, and big eyes ~ and not to forget – their flawlessly adorable BLEP!!!

Ikiru’s enormous eyes and flat face makes the bright pink-colored tongue stand out even more!

The fact that his snout matches his fur undoubtedly sums to his funnies appearance:


And though a lot of other animals who leave their tongues hanging out are missing teeth, Ikiru has all of his. In a nutshell, he’s very fond of sticking his tongue out and always has been.

The word “Ikiru” means “to live.” Indicating, the cat is definitely lively and playful and brings happiness to the hearts of his many Instagram followers.


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