What If Disney Creates A Whole New Film Based On The Solutions Of Its Previous Weird Film Plots!

Disney movies are fun to watch, and it’s one of the best family entertainment available. I mean, if you had a bad day, and you’re looking for something to ease the tension – grab some snacks and start any Disney’s Classic (it really helps!).

With fun comes the responsibility to end the storyline well, and I am not saying Disney doesn’t do that! But you cannot just ignore those few unexplainable Disney movies mysterious plot-holes which are obscure. Below, we have made a list of different Disney movies weird film-plots that deserve a proper explanation.

Before we begin with the pitch, the thread is, what is Disney creates a whole new movie based on the solutions of weird film-plots listed below? COMMENT DOWN BELOW YOUR ANSWERS SO WE COULD WRITE A LETTER TO DISNEY REQUESTING TO MAKE A MOVIE (HAHA!). By the way, my answer is, if Disney makes the movie then probably, it would end up causing a deeper weird film-hole.

Scroll Below The List Of Disney Movies Unexplained Weird Film Plots:

#1. In Toy Story, why Buzz Lightyear is so uncertain about his character!

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There is a debate on social networks today that why in the movie Toy Story, Andy’s new toy, Buzz Lightyear, is so doubtful about his character. Though he considers himself a space-ranger but every time there is a human presence, Buzz Lightyear acts like a plastic-model. I think Woody is right on this that Buzz Lightyear is just a plastic molded toy!

#2. In Beauty And The Beast, why curse the eleven-year-old immature prince!

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I mean there are a lot of movies with strange storylines, but Beauty And The Beast has outdone them all. The most confusing part is the theme that, why a witch would curse the 11-year-old boy, despite how he acts toward her.

The story is the rose wouldn’t bloom until the prince’s 21st birthday, and the curse had the impact of 10 years before when most of the movie takes place. That means the prince was cursed when he was just 11-years old.

The frustrating vibe is, how harsh were the story-writers who couldn’t just take a mature age to befell the curse on! Or they were only looking for a perfect love story.

#3. How come no one discerned that Mulan was a woman disguised as a man!

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Well, there is a big difference between a man and a woman in body texture. It is a huge mystery for me how did no one discern that Mulan was not a man!

#4. Why does the wooden puppet, Pinocchio drown when he can obviously breathe in underwater!

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Remember the old-classic Pinocchio, where the wooden puppet, Pinocchio wants to be a boy. Moreover, as per the promise of the fairy, Pinocchio had to prove his bravery and instincts.

On Pinocchio’s journey, he escapes the Pleasure Island to save his maker, Geppetto, who’s stuck in the belly of a whale. Great, that does make sense! Wooh! While inside the whale, Pinocchio and Geppetto make the creature open its mouth by starting a fire and start rowing safely. The whale creates a massive wave that brings them all to the shore and drowns Pinocchio. And a few minutes after we watch Pinocchio walk across the ocean floor with no problems at all. Either he was supposed to put a bubble around his head for oxygen (this is just animation after all) or the whale was supposed to throw him another way.

#5. Issues with Aladdin’s transformation into a Prince!

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People normally discuss this plot that before Aladdin realizes that all he needs to win over Jasmine is to be himself, he wants to be royalty. Boom, that’s no problem. Genie turns Aladdin into a prince. But what does that mean? Has Genie transformed Aladdin into a prince with a bunch of lavish outfits and supporters? Or did Genie completely rewrite Aladdin’s life and turned him into a power?

While there are several other Disney movies weird film-holes yet remain to discuss, we stop after five. The reason is, we would like you to create a random story using these five characters (words limit: 1500), and send us on theviralcandyus@gmail.com. The best one will get featured as a post on The-Viral-Candy. And sure, we’ll be back soon with more weird movies plot-holes!

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