A Girl On TikTok Went Viral After Getting Harmonica Stuck In Her Mouth!

A TikTok user has just learned one very worthy life lesson: laughter is one of life’s most vital joys, but alas, sometimes, it comes with a price. And Mollie O’Brien, a high schooler from Ontario, Canada, learned that the tricky way when she put an entire harmonica inside her mouth to entertain her little cousin, and it got stuck.

That’s right, a harmonica. Correct me if I am wrong, but I wasn’t taught of playing that instrument this way. 

Actually, it all began as a mild trick to try and make O’Brien’s little cousin laugh:


For real, knock-knock jokes weren’t getting the jobs done.

And of course, her goofy gesture quickly soured when she realized the harmonica was literally stuck inside her mouth.

Plus, like any real celebrity, she graced us with a thriller TikTok about it. In the TikTok, you can hear the harmonica playing inside her mouth as she breathes out, “Every time I breathed heavily out of panic, it made a noise.”

Tik Tok | @mollieobrien

“I just did a bad thing,” she captioned the video. “I regret the thing I did. And you’re wondering what it is. Well…I shoved an entire harmonica in my mouth, and it’s stuck now.”

And what were her feelings when she realized she couldn’t get the harmonica out, you ask? “My mom will kill me now,” she said.


Luckily, she wasn’t mad; but she was actually “shocked she raised such a weird kid.”

Anyway, they rushed to the dentist who used a device to hold her mouth open and remove it:


Thankfully, there was no major done; but the dentist had an essential suggestion for O’Brien, “Let’s not do this again, ok dear?”

I hope you all learned a helpful lesson today on putting viciously large objects in place they do not belong.

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