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Here’s A Grandpa Who Delivers Donuts By Drone To Grandkids In Quarantine, And It’s Super Exciting!


Via goodnewsnetwork

With current social distancing rules, a lot of things have changed, and one significant hole is we can’t see our loved ones as we wish. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and subsequent self-isolation measures have forced many of us to get inventive when it comes to interacting with the outsidersand yeah, these smart creativities really served and satisfied us (if not many others). One of those creative humans is grandpa Kevin Procopio, who delivered donuts using a drone to his grandkids in quarantine.

Meet, grandpa Kevin Procopio from Massachusetts, who had been missing spending joyful time with his grandkids as the COVID-19 outbreak required that they all stay in isolation ~ recently came up with a fun way to connect.

Via goodnewsnetwork

According to the report by GNN, the family, residing in Saugus, Massachusetts, was experiencing “extreme cabin fever” until they got a phone call with directions for everyone to go out on their deck.

The three little lads, all under 5-years-old, rushed out at the mapped direction with daziness and enthusiasm.

Oren, the oldest one, was anxiously waiting for the strange surprise when came a drone carrying a box of Munchkins Donut Hole, delivered right into his arms.

The exceptional delivery from grandpa Kevin excited the kids and gladdened the spirits of the adults, who were fortunate for the diversion.

(Oh and FYI, The Viral Candy is not affiliated with Dunkin’ Donuts in any way. We just liked the video…)

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