A Generous Michigan Man Spends His Savings To Buy Gas For Nurses, Says He Loves Them!


Meet Allen Marshall, a generous Michigan man who is being lauded on the internet for putting $900 of his savings towards buying gas for local nurses who are on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak. Apparently, Allen had been saving up to get himself something personal, but later decided that cash could be put to much nobler use elsewhere.

As WDIV reported, Allen Marshall stood outside a gas station located near the Detroit Medical Center on Wednesday and Thursday.


This generous Michigan man held up a board to passing cars which read, “FREE GAS FOR NURSES,” on the front, and, “THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!” on the back.

Actually, Marshall’s wife is an essential worker at Blue Cross Blue Shield ~ and she is the persona who inspired him to use his savings for something wholesome, rather than the knife-sharpening tool he had always sought to buy.

One worker from the gas station added that Marshall’s efforts attracted plenty of pleasing customers, furthermore confirming that Marshall paid for between 60 and 80 nurses’ gas.


Plus, it wasn’t only local nurses, who got inspired and praised Marshall’s efforts!


A woman named Alana also reported WDIV that once she heard what he was doing, she felt inspired to come and help out, adding her nephew is a nurse too.

So, in addition to Marshall’s $900, Alana bought another $200 worth of gas for even more nurses.

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