Having a Bad Day? I Invite You To Watch These Short But Funny Dog Videos That Might Soothe Your Mood!

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Have you ever heard of the phrase “a funny animal video a day keeps the doctor away” – well, if you haven’t, we’re here to prove that the saying is legit! So, no matter what a terrible day or experience you’re having, these short but funny dog clips will manage to comfort your mood, I bet!

We have compiled the most playful, exciting, and short but funny dog clips to swing your mood to the happier isle, and jeez I know their cuteness might make you forget why the hell your mood was off at first (you’re welcome). So, be ready to happy-squeal.

#1. ‘Steal a Sock’


#3. ‘I’ve got this’


#4. “Deez muggle brooms iz boring”

#5. “Jumping into Monday like … Rain, Snow, Hailstones all gifts from heaven for Dora!”


#6. “Whoopsie!”


#7. “This is called my “mouthy mouth.” Much like my mom around queso & margaritas, I cannot control myself around food. I get so excited that my mouth quivers. Please give me all the food. & please give my mom all the queso and margaritas. Thank you.⁣⁣”


#8. “Brows really do change a face!”



#10. “I’ll just be here with the ducks…”


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