Having A Bad Day? I Invite You To Watch These Funny Cat TikToks That Might Comfort Your Mood!


Via TikTok

If there’s one thing that has always been constant in the world, it would be our furry friends serving up some much-needed entertainment with their overloaded craziness. Sure thing, they are often referred to as the cutest definition of the term ‘pain,’ but I am not sure what we would do without our four-legged balls of attitude. So, I admit they may be annoying while you’re trying to focus on some important work, but sometimes, they do funny things that are worth sharing. In that void, I share with you these funny cat TikToks that are so amusing that you will purr ta-ta to your pain.

Scroll below and get a look at some of our favorite funny cat TikToks, the little horror we can’t help but love!

#1. There’s nothing dearer than a cat tongue!

#2. Well, perhaps a cat snore?

#3. This catto was undoubtedly a secret agent of some sort in past-life:

#4. And this kitty who doesn’t like heavy metal:

#5. If cats could speak human tongue, they would completely sound like this:

#6. This kitten who could fall off the fridge door and still look adorable:


i promise he’s ok, to be fair i did warn him tho

♬ original sound – savbmitchell

#7. This kitty who has some strong feelings about The Chordettes:

#8. And this one whispers the right tune:

#9. Meanwhile, this kitty is like, ‘NO, YOU COME HERE!’


YOU COME HERE hooman! @quentinsqr

♬ original sound – tiktok_australia

#10. And finally, some vital martial arts, of course:

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