Mom Drapes Sheet Over Her Front-Line Nurse Daughter So They Can Hug, Says She Just Had To!

Liz Dufour | The Cincinnati Enquirer

Lately, a woman named Cheryl Norton of Blue Ash, Ohio, and her front-line nurse daughter, Kelsey Kerr, shared a heart-touching hug amid the ongoing pandemic. Thanks to a protective sheet and a mother’s will to embrace her little princess that caused the heartwarming moment plausible.

As Good Morning America reported, Norton has been maintaining a safe social distance from her front-line nurse daughter, but when her daughter stopped by her mom’s house to pick up prayer squares for her patients, this anxious momma couldn’t resist.

64-year-old Norton grabbed a sheet from her laundry basket and draped it over Kerr to give her girl a much-needed squeeze!

Kelsey Kerr via GMA

For the last few weeks, Norton has been social distancing from her daughter to keep them both as safe and as hearty as possible. But as the two stood apart from each other outside her place, she realized she couldn’t hold her deep feelings and pulled a hack for a tight hug.

Norton told GMA that she was reading a lot of posts on social media about healthcare workers feeling very isolated, and she didn’t want that to happen to her daughter too.

No doubt daughter Kerr didn’t need that passionate hug, said she felt really nice!

Kelsey Kerr via GMA

28-year-old Kerr, who lives only 15 minutes away from her mother, has been quarantining with her husband and the duo’s dog. Plus, she’s seen her mom a couple of times in the last month but has never been able to get too close, because of both Cheryl and her husband’s ages, as well as preexisting health conditions, and Kerr’s potential close proximity to patients with the virus as a nurse.

So, maybe, not intended, but perhaps Kerr hugging her aging mother was a risk of trading (or living the invisible warps) of the COVID-19, you ask?

Well, during the hug, Kerr was wearing a face mask, so the pair was still well-protected. Plus, Cheryl stated she wholly washed her hands and left the sheet in her garage for a couple of days before washing it as well. In a nutshell, both of them were safe for that split second, and that’s what matters!

And luckily, a family friend named Liz Dufour, who works for the Cincinnati Enquirer, happened to pass by the street at that time and was able to seize the moment of the pair’s warm hug:

Liz Dufour | The Cincinnati Enquirer

Yeah, that’s what we NEED exactly! Love & Compassion of those who we honestly love ~ because there’s so much difficulty right now, but we’re going to make through it, and it will be us together in the end. After all, without a better ending, the universe won’t even continue, it’s just some more time we need right now, and we’re going to sum it up by being helpful to each other. Stay safe, YOU!

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