Father William Trice Battle Writes A Heartfelt Letter To His Newborn Son, And It Is Sensational Plus Significant!

Recently, William Trice Battle, and his spouse, Lauren, welcomed a lovely boy into the world and named him Roman Creed – and began raising the little tot.

And as soon as the kid was born, William says his life has been infused with a new purpose – that is – every day little Roman grows, his love for his wife grows as well.

William also stated that the most prominent thing a father could do for his children is to love his wife with everything he has – AWW! THAT’S SO SWEET!

So, one of the ways William considered expressing his eternal love for his wife, Lauren, was writing an open, heartfelt letter to Roman – where he depicted every thought, feeling, and emotion that vibe through his body every time he thinks of his mom!

Believing that someday Roman will be able to understand his father’s feelings, William did such an exquisite work of putting his body and soul into words perfectly, reading the letter might utterly help us grasp the mingled feelings we have for our loved ones as well.

Here’s What William Trice Battle Wrote To His Son:


He said: “I’ll Hold You Tight, But I’ll Hold Your Mother Tighter.” Someone pass me a tissue!


The Viral Candy hopes the best fortune for this couple and their children!

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