Famous YouTuber Wengie Melted 10,000 Lollipops Into One Giant Lollipop Candy, And I Am Like ~ WHAT?

YouTube | Wengie

OK, in a recent Youtube ‘on-trend’ segment, a popular YouTuber Wengie melted 10,000 lollipops ~ Dum Dum Pops to be precise ~ to make a giant lollipop in her trending series “Can I Upsize It.”

As weirder as it may sound, it was pretty satisfying watching the pops get crushed and melted ~ with some bittersweet musings of planning the actual thing. And maybe, that’s the only rule everybody is looking after – making things disgustingly bizarre to make others fantasize about it.

Anyway, I must suggest you wait until the part where she tries to lift the giant candy up!

Watch The EPIC Video Here:

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