Family Cat Thought Lost In Australian Fires, Found Burned But Safe Days Later

Well, when we hear a disaster is near – and we need to evacuate, the first thing we think of is getting our family to a safer place – and we take every possible action to ensure all family members, including our pets, are saved. However, our pets can’t always follow our plans – and sometimes their self instincts will take over. And that’s what happened with these cats when Australia’s bushfires began to get too close to their owner’s property.

With the road in flames around their transport, the family managed to protect their two doggos and four horses from the fierce bushfires, but unfortunately, they had lost hopes for their family cats, Angel and Mickey!


As the family packed their needed belongings, the family cat Angel and Mickey jumped out in the bushes before anyone could catch them. And because the fire was too close to them, the owners were forced to leave them behind.

And though the police prevented Ben and his stepdad Brett from returning to find their missing cats or protect their home, after a few hours, they couldn’t help their instincts. So, they used backroads instead and reached their home after the worst had crossed.

For the next two days, the pair fought back cinders and tiny pockets of fires, all the time watching for any signs of Angel or Mickey.

And by the time the rest of the family and pets returned, they had lost hopes for Angel and Mickey.

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But after seven days (and as it happens in many Indian movies) – while the owners were still working on clean-up when a very unkempt cat was spotted in the yard – it was Angel – but she was almost unrecognizable as the fluffy, white catto she had been when they left.

Angel’s fur and ears were scorched and ragged, but fortuitously, she was otherwise safe:

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Catto owner, Ben, shared a photo of Angel enjoying a good meal on Reddit, where it got more than 50K upvotes, “Our cat came home after missing in the fires for seven nights. She’s burnt but should live. We thought she was lost when the fire consumed most of our property. Best feeling ever to walk out and see her alive.”

Gladly, after some check-ups by a vet, Angel is thriving for a full recovery!

Reddit | Bozwoggle

The assumption is that she must have clutched into a wombat tunnel or similar to dodge the gravest of the fires.

Sadly, the family still hasn’t seen any hint of Mickey, but if Angel succeeded the surviving, they still have hope for him too.

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