I Bet Your Fanhood Will Awake As You Scroll These Real Facts About The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory!

Yeah, so you probably were assuming that you are the hugest Big Bang Theory fan until this piece crossed your consciousness. Plus, I bet reading the title, you had lost the balance of your tolerance because it directly questions your fan-hood. But don’t bother, I have good news for you – yeah, you could still be the hugest Big Bang Theory fan and read this article without losing your freedom of entertainment. Because this pitch is about the people who are behind the characters of your favorite TV show, and by any chance, you know it already, I suggest you to cross-checking it for the betterment of the BBT-Fanhood!

#1. Jim Parsons Got The Flu During One Crucial Time Of His Character On The Show:

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Yeah, back in season 4, Jim Parsons, aka Dr. Sheldon Cooper, got flu when Amy and Sheldon were supposed to have their big grand moment that went off pretty well (at least on Television).

Little Did The Fans Can Assume, Jim Parsons, Had A Flu At The Time Of Shot. 

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We know it’s hard to push your body when you’re sick, but oh jolly! Jim Parsons nailed his role though it had been a heck of illness and discomfort at the same time.

#2. The Secret Romance That Got Bubbled Out In The Air!

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Overlooking the chemistry between Leonard and Penny in the show, did you know these two actually dated in real life? Yes, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco had their secret romance-relationship off the show for a couple of years during the early buzz of the show. I wonder it’s that inspired show-writers bond an ultra-level-chemistry between them in the show. Anyway, we had fun!

#3. The Had To Put Firecrackers On Bernadette To Get Her Feisty!

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Well, they didn’t literally put firecrackers on Bernadette, but yeah, the show-runners and the staff pushed her harder to get her into action. Because in real life, Melissa Rauch is a calm and serene typo personality, so it was very tough for them to catch her angry!

#4. Their Taste In Fashion Is Totally Different!

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Many of us liked Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj for their insanely demented costume designs. Plus, every time they got their superhero costumes out, fans got to see action for peanut-butter-chocolate (lol!). But it turns out, in the originality, they wore a bunch of old-fashioned clothing. Though they still get the fame, don’t they?

#5. The Show Had A Bunch Of Realness!

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Yeah, it was the Big Bang Theory series end, and I assume the show-writers had surpassed their imaginations, so they began focusing on some of the character’s marital problems, and who is the scapegoat? Yeah, Leonard and Penny.

It Turns Out, One Of The Show Writers Has A Partner (Or At This Point, Had A Partner) That Couldn’t Remember His Birthday – Just Like Leonard And Penny!

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I swear that’s the worst part of a relationship if you forget your partner’s birthday (advice)!

#6. The Writer’s Strike Hurt The Show:

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Yeah, how can we forget the depressing moment of the Hollywood – the writer’s strike! Well, it was going on during the Big Bang Theory’s season one, so they played the first eight episodes continually until the movement was over.

#7. Howard Is Not The One!

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In the Big Bang Theory entire series, we have seen Howard evolving as the best husband, with remembering detailed information about his partner, planning parties and surprises, supporting and encouraging his partner at every stage of life, he is pretty decent! But in real life, Howard, aka Simon Helberg has admitted himself that he is not the Mr.Perfect for his wife. That’s sad to admit, though we understand how you take it, Howard!

#8. Penny Wasn’t Always Kaley!

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It’s hard to digest, but the truth is, the show-selectors had picked a different woman named Katie as Penny. But the test audience reviewed that she was too mean, so the character was cut from the show, and Penny replaced her.


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