Woman Captures Once In A Lifetime ‘Eye Of The Storm’ Moment, And People Say It’s Jesus Looking Down On His Kingdom!

Only some moments after Storm Ciara swept across Ireland and the UK over the weekend of 8-9 February, before hitting the north coast of mainland Europe, a woman named Sarah Hodges – captured these mesmerizing pics of the ‘eye of the storm.’ The photographs, which went viral on Facebook, show the full moon beset by a natural cloud formation and smoke, making people feel that it’s Jesus casting a look down below to his kingdom.

Sarah Hodges, from the UK, captured mesmerizing pics of the ‘eye of the storm:’

A 48-year-old woman, Sarah Hodges, from Bolton, United Kingdom, noticed the glittering full moon shining through her window on the evening of 11 February. Craving to share the majestic insights with her friends, Sarah took some pictures and shared them on her personal Facebook page.

The photographs were shooted in Bolton, UK, where Storm Ciara swept through:


Little did Sarah know that the photos, taken with a Samsung S9 phone, would go trending instantly. Until now, the photographs have got over 2.2K reactions and a staggering over 30K shares, with people praising her for the majestic once-in-a-while ‘eye-of-the-storm moment!

The woman is overwhelmed and proud for capturing a once in a lifetime shot:


Sarah told one news-outlet that she is obsessed with the moon, sunset, sunrise, and the sea. Continuing, “And I know I got lucky, people spend thousands on cameras to get the perfect shot. I feel overwhelmed and proud, as it’s a once in a lifetime shot, which I do understand.”

So, did you enjoy these elegant photos of the full moon, if yes – tell us what it looks like to you in the comments below!

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