Trump’s “Home Alone” Cameo Cut By CBC Invites Another Casualty Clash On Christmas!

There has been quite a buzz of Home Alone on Twitter this Christmas 2019. Not only because it’s one of the most popular franchise to bust out during the holidays, but also the fact that – Home Alone have got one family’s grinchy drawers in a twist – the Trumps! Because then it’s no shock to hear that the Trumps are mad about Home Alone during Christmas!

So, if you know president Donald J Trump well, then you may recall his cameo in Home Alone 2: Lost In New Yorkwhich was shot inside Hotel Plaza – another property Trump holds! Anyway, because he owns the hotel, and he is Trump, a cameo was shot in which he speaks a staggering seven words and directs Macaulay Culkin to the lobby, which they were pretty much already in by the way!

Obviously A Pivotal Moment In The Film…

And this year, as a blow for us all (even for the Trumps), in a shockingly tactical move from the Canadians in the war of Christmas, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, aka CBC, cut Donald Trump’s cameo to allow for a commercial break – NO! NOT THE CAMEO! WHAT HAPPENS TO THE MOVIE NOW!!!

Utterly this is an attack on everything holly jolly – will we ever know peace again? WILL HOLIDAYS BE EVER FREE FROM THE TYRANNY OF EDITS FOR TELEVISION!?! SANTA, ALONG WITH THE TRUMPS WEEPS ON THIS DAY!

Source: Twitter

Wait, one tiny thing though – the edit wasn’t even done this year, and the CBC’s broadcast had cut Trump’s cameo from the film back in 2015, way before he indeed had a declaration for the presidency!

But this fact, like any other fact-based in reality, won’t stop Trump’s supporters from throwing out absolute tantrums! And leading the charge to save Christmas, and feasibly, one day earn his father’s love is…of course, Don Jr:

I can only hope that everyone at home has survived this latest strike in the war of Christmas unhurt, and hopefully, we may find a way to heal together!!!

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