Donald Trump Loses His Temper at Press Conference: Highlights!

President Donald Trump gave an all-timer of a press conference on Monday, and basically, it was heated mayhem for the old yeller. He was almost frowning at the mouth. And no doubt he is very shocked ~ not about the coronavirus cases constantly sprouting in the states of the United States, lack of ventilators, masks, tests, etc, etc. But he is upset because he doesn’t want blame, he wants credit – yeah, you heard that correct.

During a White House press conference on Monday, Donald Trump got into a fiery argument with CBS reporter Paula Reid, who called him out for disregarding any mistakes or delays the U.S. government has made in responding to the novel COVID-19, and it appeared that Trump is yet not willing to understand the fact that there is something incorrect with his decisions.

Earlier in the conference, Trump played a clip of Republican and Democratic officials acknowledging him for issuing a national emergency order and restricting air travel. The video felt like it was only designed to make him look good; after all, he is just there for credits.

Anywho, the clip goes from January straight to March and completely skips over the part when the U.S. government wasn’t sure how aggressively to counter to the coronavirus.

So when the CBS reporter asked Trump about the February gap, that set him off to start arguing with her. He gave every possible reaction to reveal the press how angry he was: a characteristic mix of uncertainty, mystery, and fear.

Here’s a short clip of the press conference:

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