Twitter Users Spotted Out That Dog Paws Look Like Koalas, And For Me, It’s A Noble Discovery Of This Month!

I will be standing in the safe zone if I say that the internet is obsessed with dogs, and with the paw pads of our furry animals, we quite love these toe beans! However, mostly ‘toe beans’ is used to describe the jellybean-like pads of cat paws or larger pads of canine cuties too. But now it seems that we haven’t found the absolute term for those squishy pads – Until now, because Twitter users have finally spotted out that the pads resemble another adorable tree puppet – Koalas. Yeah, these Twitter users did an astounding job of spotting out that dog paws look like Koalas, and now it’s the time to see it!

Before we begin the quest, let us take a look at Koala, the furry cutie who is more closer to nature than anyone! Look at his squishy furs, beguiling look that can propel us to the lands of harmonies!

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And Twitter Finally Settled The Question For Good By Spotting Out That Dog Paws Look Like Koalas! CHEERS FOR TWITTER!!!

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I mean, as now it’s pointed out, it’s hard to neglect the resemblance. And every dog lover is tweeting pics of their own dog’s paws.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

And yep, Koala paws are definitely something. I mean, the combination looks perfect, like palm-shaped head, with round ears, and the four beans are mysterious.

Source: Twitter

I also took a snap of my dog, Robert, and there it is – a mini koala cookie!

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Plus, I Have An Announcement To Make – My Doggo Smells Like Cheetos, Does Yours?

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