Man Explains Why Dogs Aren’t For Everyone, Says People Should Reconsider Their Decision Before Adopting One In His Viral Facebook Post!

Well, getting yourself a pet is a big responsibility; after all, it’s entirely your duty to make sure your pet has everything it wants/needs. Moreover, you have to keep repeating that every single day (that’s right) – and that’s what a majority of pet lovers gets mistaken – because, even though they have very little info about the pet they want to adopt, some never calculate the impact of it in their daily life. So, trying to bring awareness on the thought, professional Basketball player, Austin Conway, posted his experience on Facebook compelling why dogs aren’t for everyone.

Austin Conway Enthralled A Viral Facebook Post Where He Explained His Experience With His German Shepherd Mix Stella That Owning A Pet Is A Lifetime Choice, And One Can’t Just Go Away With It Easily:

Austin Conway

If you’re not an earnest pet lover, and you still want to have one – so that you can impress someone (probably your lover), then sorry boy, this thing is not made for you. Because there arrive hundreds of cases in a while of people abanding their pets, and mostly the victims are dogs who get euthanized for various reasons.

Austin Conway

Conway did such an exceptional job of putting words perfectly, and so his post immediately went trending. As of this piece, it already has over 434K reactions and 283K shares, and every rational person should read it before adopting a pet because unless you concede what you’re doing, remember – dogs aren’t for everyone.

Austin Conway

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