Adorable Doggo Has People Wondering If She’s A Real ‘Disney Princess’

Well, the internet can’t live another day without adoring doggos anymore, and social networks have become their trivial pet-house, where every pet lover has access to drop by and tickle them anytime they wish, and in a nutshell, this means, it’s a revolution of the pedestury (pet + industry). However, today, this honey-bunny is not for any cozy pup or the incredible human-alike-face doggo Nori, but there is a new canine causing a stir, plus people are wondering if she’s a real Disney princess, and her name is – Winnie.

Meet Winnie, Who Has Left People Baffled With Her Prettier Face And Angelic Eyes:


Winnie is the cocker spaniel, that’s a mix of the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel – but more importantly, this puppy has become a sensation on social media, surpassing more than 2,42,000 Instagram followers, plus becoming an instant hit celebrity on TikTok.

But All The Attention Comes Down To One Thing – Her Beguiling Eyes! No Doubt They Are Precious:


The cute puppy, Winnie, was born back in October 2019, is drawing attention because of her immense hazel-colored eyes, framed with the sort of long fluttery eyelashes – for most women would kill themselves proudly.

Fortunately for their owners, Winnie’s cute face has attracted several business opportunities, “Winnie got famous from a video on TikTok, which shows her eyes nice and clearly. From there, her audience grew bigger and bigger, and she has now got herself doing collaborations with some small/big businesses. Overall, Winnie is fun and loving, but very sassy and likes to think she runs the place.” Owners Ellée and Tom told.

And She Is Got A New Tagline – Winnie The Disney Princess:


As well as having thousands of adorable followers calling her “pretty” and “cute”, Winnie was recently compared to a Disney Princess (such a hype).

A recent snap of her, resting on a tile floor, looking directly up at the lenses with deep eyes, sparked the comparison – but left some people distrusting whether or not she was actually real (a Disney Princess).

Genuinely, we wouldn’t have expected anything less from such a pampered pooch!

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